BFX Competition Results

awardsCeremony.pngBack in summer I had the great opportunity to compete in the BFX Competition, this involved spending 7 weeks at Bournemouth University working on a 30 second animation to help raise awareness of the charity Create. During the 7 weeks the whole team put in hundreds of hours and many late nights to ensure every detail matched the high quality we were striving for. Our attention to detail and dedication were rewarded at the awards ceremony with the film picking up 6 awards: Best overall film, Best Cinematography, Best Rigging, Best Digital Environment, Best Compositing and Best Shading and Rendering. Picking up the award for Best Digital environment was a personal highlight of the evening as modelling, texturing and shading the complex M. C. Escher inspired environment and multiple props to dress it was my main role and both tested and developed my asset creation skills.

Here’s the final piece:

Finally a massive thanks to the whole team for making the process so enjoyable  and putting the work in to produce a film we can all be very proud of.

Emma Le Good: Director, Cinematography, Lighting, Rendering, Comp, Prop Modelling
Michael Cauchi: Technical Director, Character Artist, Rendering, Shading
Phil Mullany: Rigging, Prop Modelling
Oleksiy Popov: Animation, Prop Modelling
Richard Cope: Environment Modelling/Texturing/Lookdev, Prop Rigging

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