Victory, the Culmination of my Degree

Here it is, the one minute of film I spent every available hour of every available day on during my final few months at the NCCA! Hopefully it’s well received at the grad show next Thursday.

Victory was my final major project for my Computer Animation Arts degree at the NCCA Bournemouth. The film is a short 3D fly-through animation based on the painting The Battle of Trafalgar, painted by J.M.W. Turner in-between 1823 and 1824. The aim of the film is to pay homage to Turner’s painting by using computer animation technology to reimagine the historical events it depicts using modern media. The challenge is to covey the depth, drama and atmosphere of the painting. This is made more challenging by my decision to shade the piece as if it were a marble statue in order to imitate monuments of the 19th century.

Soundtrack: We Are All Astronauts – Ether

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