One Month at BlueZoo

I had a busy September working at BlueZoo! 3 weeks of which I spent on ‘Double Dip’, an advert produced for Nickelodeon Creative Services in New York to promote Topp’s Baby Bottle Pop with Popping Powder. The four week turnaround on the project meant the whole team had to work quickly while adapting to a pipeline which developed over the course of production. I was responsible for much of the environment and prop modelling so for me personally it was a fun challenge building assets while much of the pre-production was still coming together.

Check out BlueZoo’s breakdown of the project here:

Victory, the Culmination of my Degree

Here it is, the one minute of film I spent every available hour of every available day on during my final few months at the NCCA! Hopefully it’s well received at the grad show next Thursday.

Victory was my final major project for my Computer Animation Arts degree at the NCCA Bournemouth. The film is a short 3D fly-through animation based on the painting The Battle of Trafalgar, painted by J.M.W. Turner in-between 1823 and 1824. The aim of the film is to pay homage to Turner’s painting by using computer animation technology to reimagine the historical events it depicts using modern media. The challenge is to covey the depth, drama and atmosphere of the painting. This is made more challenging by my decision to shade the piece as if it were a marble statue in order to imitate monuments of the 19th century.

Soundtrack: We Are All Astronauts – Ether

Architectural Visualisation Masterclass


I created these images for my final year masterclass project at the NCCA. The brief, set by Munro studios, was to create renders of 3 separate rooms. It was a very open brief so I enjoyed the freedom of being able to design each room exactly how I envisioned then take on the challenge of modeling and texturing each asset, then filling the rooms and bringing them to life with lighting.

I also created a short video for the project:

Architectural Visualisation Masterclass from Richard Cope on Vimeo.

Doctor Strange

I Recently came across this breakdown from ILM, it’s great to see how some of the assets I created while working at Motion Associates Ltd were used for the film. It Feels amazing to have made even the smallest contribution to this production, I can’t wait to get into industry and work on more now!

Articles on the effects behind these sequences:
How ILM Made Those Insane Bending Buildings in ‘Doctor Strange’
Creating the Mirror Dimension in Doctor Strange

BFX Competition Results

awardsCeremony.pngBack in summer I had the great opportunity to compete in the BFX Competition, this involved spending 7 weeks at Bournemouth University working on a 30 second animation to help raise awareness of the charity Create. During the 7 weeks the whole team put in hundreds of hours and many late nights to ensure every detail matched the high quality we were striving for. Our attention to detail and dedication were rewarded at the awards ceremony with the film picking up 6 awards: Best overall film, Best Cinematography, Best Rigging, Best Digital Environment, Best Compositing and Best Shading and Rendering. Picking up the award for Best Digital environment was a personal highlight of the evening as modelling, texturing and shading the complex M. C. Escher inspired environment and multiple props to dress it was my main role and both tested and developed my asset creation skills.

Here’s the final piece:

Finally a massive thanks to the whole team for making the process so enjoyable  and putting the work in to produce a film we can all be very proud of.

Emma Le Good: Director, Cinematography, Lighting, Rendering, Comp, Prop Modelling
Michael Cauchi: Technical Director, Character Artist, Rendering, Shading
Phil Mullany: Rigging, Prop Modelling
Oleksiy Popov: Animation, Prop Modelling
Richard Cope: Environment Modelling/Texturing/Lookdev, Prop Rigging